Let’s see…1000 – 9000

2013, world atlas, pear shaped separatory funnel + roadmap of Switzerland, 23 x 38 x 30 cm   (9 x 15 x 12 inches)

Countries are not unlike some people.
             The sloping sides are designed to facilitate the identification of layers.
They strive to be independent.
             The stopcock controlled outlet is designed to drain the contents out of the funnel.
Separating themselves from others.
             To use, two or more elements are added through the top with the stopcock at the bottom closed.
Some to extreme isolation.
             The funnel is then closed, shaken and set aside to allow for the complete separation of the elements.
It is only an experiment.
             The top and bottom tap are then opened and the elements are released by gravitation.
What was once separate can again be together.

© andrew m. wenrick,  2013