Reverse Voyeurism

2012, wood, LCD, circuit boards, 26 x 92 x 13 cm (10.25 x 36.2 x 5.12 inches)

The sculpture, “Reverse Voyeurism,” is essentially four crisp, still images of the same landscape. Four LCD screens play through independent sixty-minute loops. Countless voyeurs peering in at you as you are watching them. Images appear to be static, but then your eye catches movement –someone walking through the frame…and they are looking at you. Then they are gone. A few seconds later on a different screen, more voyeurs. And then, movement on a third screen. And the fourth. Back and forth, your eyes scan screen to screen watching these voyeurs look in at you. It becomes captivating to compare the passers by reactions – how bold will the voyeurs be? Who is watching who? Included are a few video clips taken from this project.

© andrew m. wenrick,  2012